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Title: These Things My Mother Taught Me
Author: [personal profile] lithiumdoll
Fandom(s): Sarah Connor Chronicles
Warnings: None
Word Count: 4000 this part (~61,500 in all)

Summary: Post-series, ensemble piece. John is trying to cope in a future where his name has been erased, while Sarah is stuck in the past, doing what she can to hold things together and keep her word to John.

Commentary: It's like watching John Connor transform and grow into the leader of the Resistance right in front of you, like having all the characters come to life; you hear their voices, the dialog is so spot on. The story is wonderfully woven, constantly gathering threads from the entire timeline as it moves along. If you ever read only one post-season 2 story, let [personal profile] lithiumdoll's Out on the Wire Verse be it.

“Where are you from, John Connor?”

“Here. I’m from here. I’m always from here.” John gives up and lets his eyes slide shut, just for a moment. His voice is a whisper but it’s angry and that’s worth the effort. “Now ask the right question.”

He can hear Derek stand, “You saved my brother’s life.”

John doesn’t say, “I took it first.” He doesn’t say, “I might need it later.” He doesn’t say anything at all.


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