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Name:Pan-fandom genfic recs
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Tired of romance? We're here to help!
This is a community for genfic recs and requests in any fandom.


Genfic is, for the purposes of this comm, considered to be fic that does not concentrate on romance or sex. Background pairings are accepted; foreground pairings are, generally, not.

All posts to this community will be moderated for the time being. If you aren't entirely sure whether the fic you are recommending counts as gen, please leave a note underneath the fic info.

Which brings me to format. Please rec things in the following format:

Warnings: List the author's original warnings here, put 'no warnings apply', or 'does not use warnings'. Major character death, explicit violence, and abuse of any kind (and all the usual things) must be warned for. Masked warnings are also fine, if the warnings themselves are a spoiler.
Word Count: Not necessary, but very happy-making for everyone if you can get it.
Summary: As well as the author's given summary, please note canon AU/non-canon AU/crossover/time-travel either here or in the genre tags, if it's not a spoiler for the fic.
Commentary: The reasons you're reccing this fic. "I liked it" is not reason enough; "Character X got lots of interesting character development while still remaining true to their canon self, and there were zombies" is.
A short snippet (<200 words) can also be posted at the end of a rec, if you have a perfect quote from the fic to lure someone in.

Please title the post in the format Rec: [fandom(s)]: [title], by [author/creator], as it makes less headaches for everyone.

Requests should be titled in the format Search: [fandom]: [general description], with detailed description/info in the actual post.


Other rules:

Tags: Please tag with the fandom(s) your recs are in(e.g. fandom: Star Wars), and the type of fic, if it's in a certain format (e.g. type: five things, or type: drabble set). Genre tags are also welcome, e.g. genre: angst, genre: epic awesome, or genre: friendship. Take a look at the tag list before posting just to make sure you get all the tags you could possibly want. ;)

Play nice. No bashing, no reccing/requesting fics with bashing, if you have a quarrel with someone here take it elsewhere. I'm sure you're all good people, let's keep it that way.


Special thanks to [personal profile] sally_maria for suggesting this comm.
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