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Title: The Case of the Unwelcome Owl
Author: [personal profile] pandarus
Fandom(s): Sherlock(Moffat), Harry Potter
Warnings: No warnings necessary
Word Count: 7458
Summary: No author summary. There's a owl in their living room, it's the middle of the night and it seems to have brought a letter. Crossover
Commentary: The best kinds of cross-overs are the kind that make you think "of course, that explains so much" and this definitely comes into that category. A wonderful take on the characters and a small snapshot of a larger world that I'd love the author to expand on at some point.

(There's no indication that Sherlock and John have or want a sexual relationship but someone does point out that John is Sherlock's significant other.)

John, still shockily half-asleep, had a bemused moment where his brain bounced back and forth between “Need gun” and “Don't need gun” and back to “Need gun” again. He shook his head, and made himself relax.

“Don't do that,” he said, squinting crossly at Sherlock's unlit face. “I could have bloody shot you, you ass.”

“No you couldn't,” Sherlock replied, sounding bored. “Now give me that. I need to shoot an owl.”
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Title: Bigger on the Inside
Author: [ profile] sentientcitizen
Fandom(s): Doctor Who, Stargate SG1, Stargate Atlantis
Warnings: No warnings apply
Word Count: ~700
Summary: Everyone says the same thing when they see the TARDIS for the first time. Well. Ish. Crossover.
Commentary: A short piece, but with a wonderful insight into each character and very funny.

“Oh, my god,” she breathed. “It’s-”

“Bigger on the inside,” the Doctor said.

“-incredible,” she finished. “Is this a pocket dimension? My god, you have a pocket dimension inside your phone booth. This is – my god, this is going to revolutionise dimensional theory!”

“Police box, actually,” he said, nonplussed. “Sorry, who did you say you were again?”

“Sam,” she said, blue eyes wide with wonder, gleaming in the light from the console. “Colonel Samantha Carter. I’ve got so many questions to ask you.”
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Title: Oh Crap, Not Again: The Continuing Misadventures of SGA-12
Author: thedeadparrot @livejournal
Fandom(s): Stargate Atlantis, NCIS
Warnings:'no warnings apply'
Word Count: ~7,700
: Unlike most of the Atlantis gate teams, SGA-12 was formed pretty much before they ever set foot in the Pegasus galaxy, so they didn't really have to do team bonding exercises or trust falls or anything like that (which was good, because Tony wasn't sure he wanted a run-in with McGee's scrawny nerd-arms).


Commentary: This is an interesting interpretation of an alternative NCIS team. I liked how the story covered the different back stories, with references to the canon of NCIS, while still making sense for the star gate universe. It had some great team dynamics and NCIS fans will love the humour.

A short snippet:

"Uh, it's been five minutes," Tony says. "Even McTypesALot can't write that fast." He grins at her, which he knows is a really bad idea, but he does it anyway.

"I do not see what you have to be so cheerful about," she says, a tiny hiss at the end of her words. "I am becoming annoyed with this pattern."

"C'mon, Ziva. You're not used to it after the last five hundred times we've been thrown in jail for some arbitrary and ludicrous reason?" Tony asks.

"I think it's actually closer to one hundred," McGee says without looking up. Gibbs is staring holes into the back of his head as if he'll finish things faster that way. Which is actually probably true. McGee's sweating pretty hard.

"One-hundred and seven, McGee," Gibbs says. "We're about to beat SGA-4 after today."

That seems to diffuse things for a bit, and Tony goes back to imagining how he might be able to bribe Abby into setting up solitaire on his life signs detector. She's usually into caffeine of any type, but for something like this, Tony might need to secure all of Atlantis' Caf-Pow! rations for a month.

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Title: Through the Wardrobe (The Three Worlds Remix)
Author: Poetry
Fandoms: The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe/Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Warnings: none apply
Summary: The wardrobe is a gateway to another world - and to memories we cannot bear to forget.
Commentary: A Giles-centric fic that is, in some magical way, note-perfect for the canons. It feels like a Buffy episode that wandered slightly off course in the best of ways, with deftly added comedy, action, and heartbreak. Seriously, you might tear up some.

In retrospect, Giles ought to have guessed that the wardrobe would turn out to be an interdimensional portal.
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Title: Corner of Your Eye
Author: Maychorian
Fandom(s): Crossover SG1, Supernatural
Warnings: No warnings apply.
Word Count: ~26,000
Summary: Jack O'Neill is not very good at being retired. Dean Winchester is not very good at staying out of trouble. And there's something lurking in these here woods.... What if Jack had retired after Season 8 and met Dean just before the beginning of season 1 of Supernatural?
Commentary: If you loved the early seasons of Supernatural, and wanted to see more of Jack O'Neill this is a great way to get both. These are wonderful versions of the characters, who build a convincing friendship while dealing with a haunting.

'Dean flapped a hand in easy agreement. "Hell, yeah, man, I can do anything. I'm Dean Winchester, doncha know."

Jack chuckled gently. "No, I didn't know that. But right now I just need you to stand up. C'mon kid, I'm not as young as I used to be, and it's been awhile since I packed a buddy out of the jungle."

"Dude, you are freakin' Rambo."

"Yup, that's me," Jack said with a sort of indulgence. Then his voice became hard, commanding. "Now, on your feet, soldier!" '


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