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Title: Ten Things About the Vongola Family
Author: Morte Lise
Fandom: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Warnings: not much - mentions of death, violence
Summary: Ten things about the Vongola family that they'd never tell anyone about themselves on pain of death. Because God forbid people start getting the impression that they're all CRAZY or something...
Commentary: Each chapter focuses on a character in the Vongola. These are great interpretations of the characters that give interesting possibilities and insights, and sometimes make you crack up. I particularly like the Mukuro chapter.

Mukuro has a closeted obsession with birds, culminating in his long-term possession of Glo Xinia's box weapon.
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Title: The Journey West
Author: [personal profile] springgreen 
Fandom: Written for American Gods, but can and should be read by anyone.
Warnings: none
Word Count: 430
Summary: Listen, and I will tell you how Monkey comes to America.
Commentary: This is the story that changed the way I think about fandom. From the author's notes:

I wrote this in anger and pain and hope, with the need to see myself in fiction and the knowledge that most stories of America are not my stories of America. I love that one of the central figures of American Gods is Anansi, but I rolled my eyes at the ever-familiar Norse mythology, of the feeling that immigration had somehow stopped way back when, that the new gods were Technology and whatnot. Because while they are, people are still coming here and bringing their own gods and their own stories.

This story is my "fuck you" to the
Chinese Exclusion Act, to the laws barring Asian Americans from citizenship and naturalization, to the Japanese internment camps, to the murder of Vincent Chin. I mock the sentence in the Wikipedia article saying "After World War II, general anti-Asian prejudice largely dissolved."

This story is also my attempt to write myself and people like me into American history; I am American, yes, but I am also not, because I am Chinese, because I will not assimilate, because the red white and blue and the land of the free is what I grew up on, but it's also what kept me out, because I also grew up reading and hearing about Monkey and Li Bai, Hong Kong and Taiwan, Yellow River and Xi'an. It's also not just American; it's an attempt to write people like me into the Western world.

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Title: The Case of the Unwelcome Owl
Author: [personal profile] pandarus
Fandom(s): Sherlock(Moffat), Harry Potter
Warnings: No warnings necessary
Word Count: 7458
Summary: No author summary. There's a owl in their living room, it's the middle of the night and it seems to have brought a letter. Crossover
Commentary: The best kinds of cross-overs are the kind that make you think "of course, that explains so much" and this definitely comes into that category. A wonderful take on the characters and a small snapshot of a larger world that I'd love the author to expand on at some point.

(There's no indication that Sherlock and John have or want a sexual relationship but someone does point out that John is Sherlock's significant other.)

John, still shockily half-asleep, had a bemused moment where his brain bounced back and forth between “Need gun” and “Don't need gun” and back to “Need gun” again. He shook his head, and made himself relax.

“Don't do that,” he said, squinting crossly at Sherlock's unlit face. “I could have bloody shot you, you ass.”

“No you couldn't,” Sherlock replied, sounding bored. “Now give me that. I need to shoot an owl.”
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Title: Bigger on the Inside
Author: [ profile] sentientcitizen
Fandom(s): Doctor Who, Stargate SG1, Stargate Atlantis
Warnings: No warnings apply
Word Count: ~700
Summary: Everyone says the same thing when they see the TARDIS for the first time. Well. Ish. Crossover.
Commentary: A short piece, but with a wonderful insight into each character and very funny.

“Oh, my god,” she breathed. “It’s-”

“Bigger on the inside,” the Doctor said.

“-incredible,” she finished. “Is this a pocket dimension? My god, you have a pocket dimension inside your phone booth. This is – my god, this is going to revolutionise dimensional theory!”

“Police box, actually,” he said, nonplussed. “Sorry, who did you say you were again?”

“Sam,” she said, blue eyes wide with wonder, gleaming in the light from the console. “Colonel Samantha Carter. I’ve got so many questions to ask you.”
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Title: lay down my sword and shield.
Author: [ profile] yassan
Fandom: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Warnings: Violence, language
Summary: Five times Yamamoto failed.
Commentary: This is beautifully written, mining many facets of Yamamoto's character, his innocence and capabilities, and of the other characters.

Yamamoto Takeshi dies on April 21
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Title: Oh Crap, Not Again: The Continuing Misadventures of SGA-12
Author: thedeadparrot @livejournal
Fandom(s): Stargate Atlantis, NCIS
Warnings:'no warnings apply'
Word Count: ~7,700
: Unlike most of the Atlantis gate teams, SGA-12 was formed pretty much before they ever set foot in the Pegasus galaxy, so they didn't really have to do team bonding exercises or trust falls or anything like that (which was good, because Tony wasn't sure he wanted a run-in with McGee's scrawny nerd-arms).


Commentary: This is an interesting interpretation of an alternative NCIS team. I liked how the story covered the different back stories, with references to the canon of NCIS, while still making sense for the star gate universe. It had some great team dynamics and NCIS fans will love the humour.

A short snippet:

"Uh, it's been five minutes," Tony says. "Even McTypesALot can't write that fast." He grins at her, which he knows is a really bad idea, but he does it anyway.

"I do not see what you have to be so cheerful about," she says, a tiny hiss at the end of her words. "I am becoming annoyed with this pattern."

"C'mon, Ziva. You're not used to it after the last five hundred times we've been thrown in jail for some arbitrary and ludicrous reason?" Tony asks.

"I think it's actually closer to one hundred," McGee says without looking up. Gibbs is staring holes into the back of his head as if he'll finish things faster that way. Which is actually probably true. McGee's sweating pretty hard.

"One-hundred and seven, McGee," Gibbs says. "We're about to beat SGA-4 after today."

That seems to diffuse things for a bit, and Tony goes back to imagining how he might be able to bribe Abby into setting up solitaire on his life signs detector. She's usually into caffeine of any type, but for something like this, Tony might need to secure all of Atlantis' Caf-Pow! rations for a month.

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Title: Hanabi
Author: Feather Ice
Fandom: Katekyo Hitman Reborn
Warnings: comedy violence is the worst it gets.
Summary: Sometimes Tsuna can't figure out why people have any faith in him at all. Gokudera's feelings are pretty much identical. When they both come through, though, the results are nothing short of spectacular.
Commentary: Tsuna and Gokudera do maths in the funniest and most adorable way they can find. Friendship fluff in the manner of the Daily Life arc, with a great voice for Tsuna.

He didn't even have to look over at Gokudera-kun to know he was wearing that poor, kicked puppy It's All My Fault That the Tenth Is Incurably Stupid look on his face.
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Title: Through the Wardrobe (The Three Worlds Remix)
Author: Poetry
Fandoms: The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe/Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Warnings: none apply
Summary: The wardrobe is a gateway to another world - and to memories we cannot bear to forget.
Commentary: A Giles-centric fic that is, in some magical way, note-perfect for the canons. It feels like a Buffy episode that wandered slightly off course in the best of ways, with deftly added comedy, action, and heartbreak. Seriously, you might tear up some.

In retrospect, Giles ought to have guessed that the wardrobe would turn out to be an interdimensional portal.
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Title: Aides Memoire
Author: [ profile] mirrorbrothers
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Warnings: no warnings apply
Summary: Sora, post-KH II. "Their life is covered in little pieces of paper."
Commentary: An absolutely haunting little look at what Sora's life might have become, and the ways things fragment for him and Roxas.

Aides Memoire
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Title: Graduate Vulcan for Fun and Profit

Author: [personal profile] lazulisong 

Fandom: Star Trek XI

Warnings(author's): Vulcan OC Dude (I don't think he's too obnoxious, though), Jim's Awesome Childhood

Summary: It really does take a village to raise a Jim.

Commentary: This fic makes me want to run away and become a linguist. All the language stuff is perfect, and the characters' voices are wonderful and hilarious. It's a very touching fic in all kinds of ways, but mostly the one in which Jim is a terrible wonderful secret grad student. (No, really.)

I've read this story about five times, and now I'm reading it again. It's awesome even if you're only peripherally familiar with Star Trek (as I am). To prove it, here's an early excerpt (I think there might be some better ones later, but if I just go ahead and do this one I won't have to spend an hour trying to decide between them):

"Frankly speaking, sir, if Starfleet knew I could speak Vulcan --"

"And Klingon, and Tellarite, and Andorian," murmurs Sakel gently. Bastard. Klingon totally doesn't count, because all Jim can do is start a bar fight in it. Not that starting a bar fight in Klingon is very difficult. It's like basic Standard. Excuse me, where is the rest room? Excuse me, your father sucks dick on discount bulk rates. Nearly the same thing.

"If they knew," finishes Jim loudly, "I'd be put in Communications and I'm going to be in Command."

Sakel takes another sip of his tea, and thinks. "Your logic stands," he says finally. "Although it should be acknowledged that being in Communications will not logically preclude you from being a captain. Very well, Cadet, I will, as they say, 'strike a deal'."

Jim tries not to tense up, but deep in his monkey hind brain he knows that he's not going to like this 'deal' and that the alternative is going to be deeply unpleasant.

"I will allow you to stay in Basic Principles of Vulcan, and I will even teach you to simulate a Terran accent --" this was a huge favor, Jim knows, because Sakel hates Terran accents with as much venom as any vegan pacifist could hate anything, "-- and in return, you will agree to do all the work assigned, as assigned."

"And if I don't?" says Jim, deeply wary.

"Then I will go to the department head and tell them, I believe the term is, 'a touching story' about the bond among us all, the last of the Kelvin crew, and your language sets." Sakel doesn't even have the grace to look smug about cornering Jim like this.

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Hello, my lovelies! I've had an idea floating around in my head these past few days, and it's finally turned into something useful.

Comment with your hardest non-sexual kink! You know, the thing that will make you love a story more than anything. Even if everything else about it is terrible, you will love it forever because it did the one thing you cared about right. (Mine is linguistics. If they get the linguistics -- the culture and the sense behind them -- perfect everything else could go to hell and I would read it over and over again.)

And I'll do my best to track down some good genfic with that specific for you. Fandom-specific ones are probably out, since I may not be in that fandom, but I'll try!
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Title: Crazy!Ed verse (link goes to In Defiance of Reason)

Author: [personal profile] metisket[personal profile] metisket 

Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist (the manga)

Warnings: Violence, fairly dark themes, spoilers for all of the manga (although comprehensible to someone only familiar with the first anime). Not nearly as dark as it could have been.

Summary: So. In response to the question, "What would it look like if Edward Elric were as crazy as Allen Walker?" I said, well. CLEARLY I MUST WRITE THAT FIC.

It's a mad AU. And I don't think Ed would handle being crazy with anything like Allen's grace. Besides which, it's possible that I wrote him even crazier.

Commentary: This is perhaps the best FMA fic I've ever read. Ed is terrifyingly and wonderfully insane, while still remaining true to his canon self. He refuses to drink milk, helps people, and probably rescues small animals from wells; he also murders large numbers of people in gruesome and painful ways.

This is also quite possibly the best Roy-and-Hughes fic you'll ever find -- mostly Hughes, since he's the usual viewpoint character, but the portrayal of their friendship is fantastic. Roy is just the right amount of I'm-going-to-save-the-country and oh-fuck-I-screwed-up, and Hughes is brilliantly, frenetically cheery and clever. He goes around investigating and trying to fix Ed and leaving the alchemists alone for appropriate spans of time to do their thing and plotting war and giving everyone hugs. If you ever thought you even kind of liked Hughes, this is the fic for you, and here is a line to prove it:

Also, Maes wished he had a picture of Roy’s face right now, because if he did, he would treasure it forever and preserve it among the Elicia pictures and show it to absolutely everyone.

(Incidentally, the plot isn't just 'canon with bits of crazy!ed tacked on'. Things are different -- but not too different.)
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Title: Miss Dora Baggins' Book of Manners
Author: Dreamflower
Fandom(s): Tolkien
Warnings: Technically a WIP, but as it's not a story as such, the lack of a decreed final chapter doesn't really matter.
Summary: Or The Shire Hobbit's Guide to Proper Behavior for Every Occasion "Dora was Drogo's sister and the eldest surviving female relative of Bilbo and Frodo; she...had written reams of good advice for more than half a century..." In S.R. 1403, at the age of 102, she presented her life's work to the Shire.
Commentary: A wonderful piece of world-building, adding to the society of the Shire as portrayed in Tolkien's books, with a wise and gently amusing take on proper manners for any number of situations. Even if you don't usually read Tolkien fanfic, this is well worth the time of any Lord of the Rings fan.

'It is the duty of every Hobbit to endeavor to present a good example of Proper Behavior. A Hobbit of the Shire should always keep in mind the Principles of Respectability, which are to be Kind, Hospitable and Predictable. Propriety demands no less.'
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Title: Corner of Your Eye
Author: Maychorian
Fandom(s): Crossover SG1, Supernatural
Warnings: No warnings apply.
Word Count: ~26,000
Summary: Jack O'Neill is not very good at being retired. Dean Winchester is not very good at staying out of trouble. And there's something lurking in these here woods.... What if Jack had retired after Season 8 and met Dean just before the beginning of season 1 of Supernatural?
Commentary: If you loved the early seasons of Supernatural, and wanted to see more of Jack O'Neill this is a great way to get both. These are wonderful versions of the characters, who build a convincing friendship while dealing with a haunting.

'Dean flapped a hand in easy agreement. "Hell, yeah, man, I can do anything. I'm Dean Winchester, doncha know."

Jack chuckled gently. "No, I didn't know that. But right now I just need you to stand up. C'mon kid, I'm not as young as I used to be, and it's been awhile since I packed a buddy out of the jungle."

"Dude, you are freakin' Rambo."

"Yup, that's me," Jack said with a sort of indulgence. Then his voice became hard, commanding. "Now, on your feet, soldier!" '
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Title: Embers
Author: Vathara
Fandom: Avatar: The Last Airbender
Warnings: Author does not use warnings; no major warnings needed.
Summary: Dragon's fire is not so easily extinguished; when Zuko rediscovers a lost firebending technique, shifting flames can shift the world... Follows 'Theft Absolute'.
Commentary: If fanfiction were sex, I would be the one moaning "Baby, cultural conflict me harder! Ah, yeah, actions-with-consequences just like that. . . ." Luckily, fanfiction is not sex, and I don't have to fight everyone else to read this fic over and over again. Everything that happens here builds naturally off the world and the characters, and it is beautiful. I'm almost not willing to say more than that, since part of the beauty is the surprise when you realise all the things you've been convinced of that simply were not there in canon.

I love when a fic has good OCs. This fic has the best OCs. I'd say I want fic just about them, but I really don't think anything else would manage to stand up to what Vathara's written already.

One more note: Even if you're not very familiar with A:TLA (which I still kind of am not, having seen only about four episodes in total) I'd suggest you read this fic. Not just suggest -- I would beg you to. Whatever your alley is, this is exactly up it.
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Title: These Things My Mother Taught Me
Author: [personal profile] lithiumdoll
Fandom(s): Sarah Connor Chronicles
Warnings: None
Word Count: 4000 this part (~61,500 in all)

Summary: Post-series, ensemble piece. John is trying to cope in a future where his name has been erased, while Sarah is stuck in the past, doing what she can to hold things together and keep her word to John.

Commentary: It's like watching John Connor transform and grow into the leader of the Resistance right in front of you, like having all the characters come to life; you hear their voices, the dialog is so spot on. The story is wonderfully woven, constantly gathering threads from the entire timeline as it moves along. If you ever read only one post-season 2 story, let [personal profile] lithiumdoll's Out on the Wire Verse be it.

“Where are you from, John Connor?”

“Here. I’m from here. I’m always from here.” John gives up and lets his eyes slide shut, just for a moment. His voice is a whisper but it’s angry and that’s worth the effort. “Now ask the right question.”

He can hear Derek stand, “You saved my brother’s life.”

John doesn’t say, “I took it first.” He doesn’t say, “I might need it later.” He doesn’t say anything at all.
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Title: Five Authors Who Didn't Write Stargate Atlantis
Author: [ profile] rhymer23
Fandom(s): SGA
Warnings: No warnings necessary
Word Count: 3000

Summary: Four authors who (fortunately for them) didn't write Stargate Atlantis, and one who (fortunately for Atlantis) didn't write it, either.

Commentary: You probably haven't wondered how Winnie the Pooh would react to Rodney McKay or what the Bennet sisters would make of Teyla Emmagen but I can pretty much guarantee you'll like rhymer23's answers. An extremely funny take on the Five Things genre.
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Title: Mount Badon
Author: [ profile] brown_betty
Fandom(s): Merlin
Warnings: Whacked the canon with the history stick, injuring both in the process. Also, I suffer from the bizarre conviction that sheep are intrinsically hilarious.

Summary: "Yes, I do it to aggravate you," says Arthur. AU Future fic.

Commentary: A third person perspective on Arthur and Merlin, in a world where they actually have to fight off the Saxons. Their trademark banter fits remarkably well in a far more realistic historical setting than the show.

"Merlin!" interrupts the King. "I can handle it myself from here. Go interfere with someone else's diplomatic process."

"Don't be an idiot," disagrees Merlin. "You can't even get your mail off without help since you broke that rib. Hold still."


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